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Umbra Multi Photo Frame

The Umbra Multi photo Frame is a top-rated alternative to keep all your memories in one place, with 26 x 30", 40 clips and an outstanding design, this Frame is unequaled for any tribute to anyone who gives contributed in some way to your memory.

U Loft Umbra Multi Size Photo Frame Black TIRA Photo Frame 314910-040-T10 Wood

U Loft Umbra Multi Size

By U Loft Umbra


Umbra - Pixie Multi Wall Picture Frame - Blackwood

Umbra Exhibit Multi Hanging Photo Frame

The Umbra fotochain is an unique company that creates a means for customers to hang their photos in an easily accessible location, the frames are made from high-quality brass and have a variety of options for dimensions and looks. The Umbra exhibit is a top-rated addition to each room with its multi-photo display frame, the Frame is manufactured of gauge-welded brass with a hard-shell case. The Frame is clear acrylic with a black enamel contour and the necessary symbols, it can hold up to 3 photos and is filled with room to spare. The Umbra exhibit as well available with a black enamel contour and white space between each photo, for a more upscale look, the new Umbra brushed metal Multi photo Frame holds 4 photos in a sleek, multi-media frame. Perfect for any scrapbook or photo inspired home, this Frame is sure to give your home a pop of color, with a sleek, modern design, this Frame is dandy for any occasion. Other features include room for 4 photos, an adjustable height, and a little popup light to let you know there's still more room, and it comes in several colors to suit any occasion. This Umbra edge large wooden 4 x4 4 x6 and 5 x7 collage Multi picture Frame is first-class for storing and sharing family memories, with our unique features of 4 x4, 6 x6, and 5 x7 sizes, this Frame can easily house a variety of photos and videos. The Frame also features a beautiful wooden Frame that can be fixed or rotated to match the wall size, this Frame is valuable for any home got want to create a special space for yourself or your loved ones.