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Kissing Booth Photo Frame

This photo Frame is top for your next event! Kissing Booth poster or picture frame, a beneficial gift for your friends and family.

Kissing Booth Photo Frame Ebay

This Frame is excellent for your next party photo! His name and friends are in the left corner, while the word "kissing opponent" is in the right corner, between the two of them, it should fit to within an inch of its life. This beautiful kiss Booth photo Frame is terrific for adding a touch of elegance to each room, made from durable canvas, it's basic to clean and comes with a free movie game. This card Frame is top-of-the-line for holding your own Kissing Booth selfie! The large size makes it beneficial for keeping a photo or video screen for your friends and family handy, the attractive color scheme with light green, red, and orange is top-of-the-line for any Kissing Booth scene. This Kissing Booth poster or canvas picture art movie game film is best-in-the-class for that special someone who loves to be kissed (or even just talked to), line up all of the right kisses to win in a race to the edge of the booth. The game ends with the person who gets to be the partner in the kiss getting down on the floor and taking all the kisses.